duminică, 25 martie 2012

C0500;C0501;C0520 on bizhub 210/162/163/211/182

C0500: Warming-up Failure
C0510: Abnormally Low Fusing Temperature
C0520: Abnormally High Fusing Temperature

Relevant Electrical Parts
Fusing Roller Heater Lamp H1
Fusing Roller Thermistor TH1
Fusing Roller Thermostat TS1
Fusing Roller Heater Lamp Fuse TF1
Side Cover Interlock Switch 2 S3
Power Supply Unit 1 PU1
Master Board PWB-A

Step Check Item Result Action
1. Does H1 turn ON after the malfunction is reset?
YES Check TH1 for contamination or installation.
2. Is there continuity across CN3-1 and 2 on the Fusing Unit end with CN3 (2P) disconnected?
NO Check H1, TS1, and TF1 for continuity.
3. Is there continuity across 1A and 1B, and across 2A and 2B, of S3 when S3 is turned ON?
NO Change S3.
4. Is the resistance of TH1 (across CN5-2 and 3 on the Fusing Unit end) infinity?
YES Change TH1.
5. Is Fuse F2 on PU1 conducting?
YES Change PU1 or PWB-A. NO Change the fuse.
Step Check Item Result Action
1. Is TH1 installed properly?
NO Install TH1 correctly.
2. Is TH1 dirty?
YES Clean or change TH1.
3. Is the circuit across CN5-2 and 3 on the Fusing Unit end closed when CN5 (4P) is disconnected?
YES Change

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